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Dutch Poetry

My visit to Holland

Delftse Pauw Factory

Birdpark Avifauna
(Alphen a/d Rijn)

Gert Jan Veenstra
(Dutch painter)


Sinterklaas recipes

My International Cookbook

My Trinidad and Tobago Cookbook

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Home Pages of my Cyber Pals






Recipes submitted by Cyberpals from different countries:  

Heather's Potjiekos (South Africa)

Bob's Blueberry Jam ( U.S.A., Colorado)

Ollie's Gnocchi ( Italy )

Liza's Lemon Bread ( U.S.A.)

 Sherry's Roast and Relaxation ( U.S.A., Texas)

Diana's Meat Pies (Australia )

Judy's Cookies ( USA )

Reggie's Loempia ( Indonesian  Egg Roll )

Ann's Pastry ( USA )


Other International Recipes:

Japanese Cooking

East Indian Cooking

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